Your journey to finding your photographer shouldn’t be stressful, it should be like finding new friends.

We’re a huge fan of couples who believe in a marriage more beautiful than their wedding. Love is an easy thing to capture and there’s nothing more special than being able to nurture those moments behind the camera. Aside from loving the fact that we get to work together, we truly enjoy getting to offer our couples a special experience as a husband wife team.

When we’re not photographing, we are busy chasing around our two daughters- Emerson & Hudson. We love to experiment in the kitchen, go on hikes with our dog Oliver and have deep talks over a glass of Rosé.



-I have photographed in 36 countries and have met 8 Heads of States.

-My first pass at Lexie ended in denial. I persisted.

-I ironically almost lost an eye at the age of 10 when I accidentally hit a golf ball off a tree. It ricocheted back toward me and landed 1 inch below the eye I need to photograph. #nopirateslifeforme

-I have worked for some larger companies such as Coca-Cola & Canon



-I suffer from two autoimmune diseases, celiac disease and vitiligo. So I was gluten free before it was cool #trendsetter.

-Ted and I traditionally have a Coke at every wedding we go to.

-If photography doesn’t work out, I legit think I could be a competitive sunflower seed eater. Go buy Spits ‘Dill Pickle’ and you can thank me later.

-I wear hats 98% of the time because…motherhood.